we’re shovel city improv

What we do

We make stuff up. Sometimes it’s funny.

nice things people said about us

Here are some of the nicer things people have said about us. (And we didn’t even pay them.)


Angela W.

Just the quick wit and responses in the show unbelievable.

Mike B.

Funny funny funny people..”

Lisa C.

They are hilarious! Good belly laughs! Great night out!

Karen K.

want us to perform for your event?

Shovel City Improv is available to perform for company parties, fundraisers, and random Thursday evenings when you just want something to stare at besides your phone.

Send us a message here with some details about your event and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

They are so funny! They performed for our couples night out and made it a great success!

Michaela B.